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God continues to assemble a team of individuals who are deeply committed to this Mission: "A calling to awaken the church of Jesus Christ to the power, purity, and freedom of the Spirit-Filled life, found, realized, experienced and exhibited in the lives of believers in the Book of Acts”. Becoming Love is more than just a name to this group: It has become a lifestyle that influences us and others daily. For booking information for any of our teams, contact Jim Williams (below).

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Dan Bohi

Since 2008, Dan has been answering the Lord's call to awaken the church of Jesus Christ to the power, purity, and freedom of the Spirit-Filled life, found, realized, experienced and exhibited in the lives of believers in the Book of Acts. He has traversed the country from coast to coast crossing denominational lines without compromising his basic Biblical convictions. Pastors and church leaders have confirmed that thousands have experienced encounters with the presence of God in his meetings and entire congregations have been changed.

Jay & Judy Jellison
Truth & Love Encounters

Jay and Judy Jellison have served a combined 12 years of pastoral ministry. Jay and Judy have been passionately giving away what the Father deposited within them. Their desire is to fulfill the Great Commission recorded in Matthew 28:18-20 and Mark 16:15-18 has led them to partner with the hungry and thirsty for the Kingdom of God, to bring Salvation, Healing and Deliverance! Jay and Judy have 5 children and seven grandchildren. “We are blessed to be a part of such a wonderful team!”

Hal & Debbi Perkins

Jesus’ life can best be described as a life of PRAYER. As Jesus’ disciples, we also are committed to praying continually. Almost everyone needs much more than being taught to be like Jesus; we need to be trained.


Hal and Debbi Perkins are parents of 4 adult disciples of Jesus, each of which is in full time ministry. While pastoring 41 years, Hal and Debbi prioritized being discipled by Jesus, helping their children and willing church attendees to be discipled by Jesus, and helping these become disciple-makers. For the last 7 years they have provided over 60 conferences per year on disciple-making for churches and districts.

Daniel & Carol Ketchum
Global Advance

Daniel and Carol graduated from NNU, then focused MDiv and PhD on the Word, Spirit, prayer, purity, power. They pastored 3 churches, last at College Church in Idaho. After equipping pastors and districts across 28 nations, they led from a Global Ministry Center 160 nations in worship, prayer, evangelism, disciple making, missions, education, and citywide movements.​


While living in Jerusalem, they planted a new congregation, led in King of Kings’ Prayer Tower and Healing Pools, initiated monthly Bible study in Israel's Knesset, and still direct global prayer for the Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries. Their son, daughter, spouses, and 7 grands love the Lord.

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Jim Williams
Executive Director

Jim Williams has served as Senior Pastor in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Midland, Texas, and as Youth Pastor in Oklahoma City. He is a graduate of Southern Nazarene University and completed his M.A. at SNU as well. Jim has authored one book, "Authentically His." He and his wife, Cindi, have two grown children and four grandchildren.

rob and cindy new 2.jpg
Rob & Cindy McCorkle
Kingdom Lifestyle

Rob and Cindy have been commissioned by God to re-dig and restore the wells of purity and power in the Holiness movement. They desire to bring renewal and reformation to churches and movements from coast to coast and around the world through writing, teaching, revivals, awakenings, conferences, and Fire School Intensives.


Rob & Cindy's ministry of Word and Spirit imparts a kingdom lifestyle into pastors and leaders of various denominations, and they do so with the hopes of experiencing city-wide transformations across the nations. Their itinerant ministry has been built upon the foundation of 30 years of pastoral ministry.

Terry & Melissa Wright

The Wrights have been full-time itinerant evangelists and worship leaders as a family since 2011. They sing play pray and preach the message that living for Jesus is an every day personal relationship.


Terry and Melissa are Senior Co-Pastors at River City Hope Church in Louisville, Ky. They feel an urgency to preach, and live out the full gospel of the Word of God in order to see the Lord win a city for His glory. Terry and Melissa desire to see a unified Bride establish a larger footprint for the Kingdom of God through prayer and intercession resulting in perpetual transformational revival! 

craig and connie rench edit.jpg
Craig Wesley Rench

Craig & Connie Rench have served in pastoral ministry for 47 years and recently pastored Anaheim First Church of the Nazarene. They are the parents of seven children. Craig joined the ministry team in March of 2016 and continues to serve as a full-time intercessor for Dan and the team. He has a heart for encouraging pastors and discipling leaders in prayer, intercession, spiritual warfare, and disciple making.

brett sq.png
Brett Wright
Digital Marketing Coordinator

Brett Wright is our Digital Marketing Coordinator. He is involved in developing various digital marketing materials and products, including graphic design and media duplication and production for our online store and local events.

Brett has a heart for his generation to share the message of the fullness of the Gospel of Christ, and is currently pursuing ordination in the Church of the Nazarene.


Son of Terry and Melissa Wright, Brett is the Associate and Worship Pastor at Lafayette Church of the Nazarene in Lexington, KY.

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