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"Faith is a power and a substance that is innate and part of the actual DNA of God." ~Dan Bohi

As you read this book you will become convinced that faith is not merely something that we practice like we participate in an activity or hobby, no faith is much more than mere practice.


When we have Now Faith!, we begin to release a force to be reckoned with. As you live in Now Faith! you are connecting to the very DNA of God.

This reality is realized when we understand that we are connecting to the same power that spoke worlds into existence.


Come on and take this journey into faith that is constant and present moment by moment in our lives.


Holiness & Healing

'Holiness and Healing' will inspire you and challenge your traditional thinking with profound biblical insights, and hopefully cause you to live and teach a message of holiness and healing.

Identity: Who You are in Jesus and Why it Matters

"Identity: Who You Are In Jesus and Why It Matters" is being used as small group bible studies and continues to encourage and inspire the reader to learning that our true identity is not determined by what we do.


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Since 2008, Dan has been answering the Lord's call to awaken the church of Jesus Christ to the power, purity, and freedom of the Spirit-Filled life, found, realized, experienced and exhibited in the lives of believers in the Book of Acts. He has traversed the country from coast to coast crossing denominational lines without compromising his basic Biblical convictions.


Dan's books "Identity: Who You Are In Jesus and Why It Matters" and "Holiness & Healing" (co-authored with Dr. Rob McCorkle) have given people all over the world permission to believe for faith and understanding of the power of God that is available to all who will believe.

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