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Have you had that moment, that pit in your stomach, when you wish you could hit rewind on the words that just flew out of your mouth? Do you wish you could undo the character assassination that you just endured at a team meeting you can't forget? The truth is, we’ve all been there.


What powerful weapon was unleashed? The tongue.


The word of God has powerful truths concerning the tongue at our responsibility of concerning its use. Life and death is a 21 day (or 21 week) journey combining scriptures, illustrations, and practical applications that empower us to speak life-giving words.


In this study, we will explore topics such as:


  • How words reveal the contents of your heart.
  • How negativity crushes families, churches, and organizations.
  • How grumbling can be dangerous to believers.
  • How emotions can source what we say.
  • How the two types of wisdom affect our words.


Allow God to tame your tongue.


Rob McCorkle and his wife Cindy travel the country full-time for Becoming Love Ministries Association speaking and imparting kingdom truths into pastor, leaders, and congregations across denominational lines. He is the author of several books including Bridging the Great Divide and Elevate. Rob and Cindy have two married children and six grandchildren.

Life & Death: The Power of Words | Dr. Rob McCorkle

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