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Pastor, You're Invited...

Dear Pastor,

During these unprecedented times, I'd like to personally invite you to an intentional training time via Zoom meeting.


After Easter, I would like to have groups of 20-25 Pastors meet with me on a Zoom Video Meeting where we will interact and discuss ideas and techniques to turn this viral pandemic into a Kingdom Holy Spirit Pandemic. I really believe that by tweaking one or two things in our personal ministries, we could see a marked increase in our church's influence. I really do.

We will choose the dates for these conferences based upon response from these personal invitations. There is no cost, but we do ask that you RSVP to this invitation letter so we can have an accurate number of pastors interested, and sub-divide into interactive groups.

To reserve your spot, please email your name to so we can email your Zoom Meeting invitation to you.

We so appreciate you and your Kingdom work, and we want to partner with you to turn this viral pandemic into a Holy Spirit Pandemic that advances the Kingdom!

Advancing His Kingdom,

Dan Bohi

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